NEW! CPR Treatment Kit

Our in-between salon appointments Complete Protection & Recovery 15 Minute Intense Reconstruction Treatment!

Blow drying, ironing, touching up your color and EVEN stepping out the door, hair damage just happens. Our CPR formulation combines a carefully crafted selection of professional-grade restorative products, designed to extend the vibrancy of your color treatments, revive follicles to their natural state and improve touch-ability. Follow the step-by-step process in between salon visits to provide critical nourishment and long-lasting protection to your tired, damaged locks.


Powerful hair repair for everday and any day, that tackles the only three main levels of damage:

1: Interior

Replenishes missing proteins to strengthen and add structural stability.

2: Exterior

Nourishes the surface of hair & normalizes pH for luminous and mirror-like shine.

3: Moisture

Restores essential moisture levels to hair & scalp with liquid crystallized honey.


Exclusive technology from SUDZZfx, this unique formula protects, locks-in and sustains hair colour...longer!

What It Does

Protects & preserves colour treated hair from indoor and outdoor exposure.

The Results

Colour remains brighter, stronger and deeper for longer periods of time.


Straight, wavy or kinky/curly textured, no matter what head of hair needs some love, we've got you covered!


  • Hair that has been colour treated or with any type of damage
  • Hair extension friendly & safe!


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Testimonial #1

Lawyer Kristen O.

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Fashionista Abigail G

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Model Deanne A.


What we said NO to and what we said YES to!

Sulfate-Free | Paraben-Free

Color Safe | Extensions Safe | Just 18 Ingredients | Higher Concentration of Sunflower Seed Oil Than Competitive Products | Lower Concentration of Dimethicones Than Competitive Products

CPR Treatment Step-By-Step

When hair emergencies happen to your client in between appointments: their only option is CPR!

Step 1 - Start by CLARIFYING and HYDRATING, based on the needs of their hair:

  • A: If they suffer from chronic environmental damage, styling products and day-to-day build-up, they will want to clarify by lathering the hair and roots with SUDZZfx NYRVANA Purifying Shampoo. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry well.

  • B: If they've had color treatments or keratin treatments, or if they are a regular user of hot tools (blow dryers, flat irons, etc.), they'll want to HYDRATE by lathering the hair with SUDZZfx CASHMERE Hydrating Shampoo. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry well.

Step 2 - Combine the products based on their hair type:

  • A: For thick, long or coarse hair, dispense the entire sachet of "MOXEE", "AQUAFIX", and "ENHANCE". Finish by adding 2-3 drops of ZENYTH Frizz Eliminating Serum. Mix to form the perfect blend.

  • B: For fine, delicate or short hair, dispense half of sachet (10ml) of "MOXEE", "AQUAFIX" and "ENHANCE". Finish by adding 1-2 drops of ZENYTH Frizz Eliminating Serum. Mix to form the perfect blend.

STEP 3 - Apply the mixed treatment, starting from the ends and working to the roots. Comb through for even distribution and allow the treatment, starting from the ends and working your way to the roots. Comb through for even distribution and allow the treatment to work its magic for 10-15 minutes. They may enjoy wearing a cap or towel so they can take a relaxing warm shower or bath while they wait. Once complete, rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Step 4 - Their hair says, "Thank you!" Enjoy the compliments to come.

CPR Treatment Kit FAQ's

Q: How does the At Home CPR Treatment Kit compare to the salon service?

A: Our CPR In Salon Treatment has been a tent pole professional treatment for almost ten years now and YOU are the best person to handle your client's hair needs. Often your clients come into you with hair that already has been mistreated or damaged, so color services can be less predictable and you end up trying to "correct the canvas" before even being able to beautify them. The CPR Treatment Kit allows you to retail a single use hair cocktail for them to use in between appointments. It's there for them when hair damage happens, so haircolor will last longer, chemical services hold better and their overall hair health is improved.

Q: What comes in the CPR Treatment Kit?

A: The CPR Treatment Kit contains 1 each (20ml) of the following: NYRVANA Purifying Shampoo, CASHMERE Hydrating Shampoo, ENHANCE Volumizing Conditioner, AQUAFIX Hydrating Conditioner, MOXEE Reconstructing Hair Mask, ZENYTH Frizz Eliminating Serum.

Q: How many uses can clients get out of the kit?

A: The kit is designed for a single use application only. There are two application options depending on the hair type, so they may have some individual sachets inside that they won't need.

Q: Can they use all of the products together?

A: NO. They should be sure to only do Step 1A or Step 1B. They should NOT use the Nyrvana sachet on color treated hair or hair that has treated with keratin as it will degrade the life of both haircolor and your smoothing service. Since Nyrvana is a purifying/chelating shampoo it is designed to strip out impurities, buildup, etc., so it would lead to color fadage if they use it. Just skip it. :)

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